Packing Moving Tips

It is almost inevitable that a time comes in your life when you have to relocate or move from one city to another or shift your house or even move out to different country. It is times like these when almost everyone needs tips for packing and moving.

Packing tips are very valuable and one should always get as many as he can because help can never be enough when it comes to moving and packing. The following tips for moving can be used a basic guideline when you need to start moving,

  1. Always know that planning is key when it comes to packing and moving. Always plan ahead and never forget that you need to give packing at the least two to three days depending on the size of your house (last minute packing is never a good option and almost always causes inconveniences).
  2. Pack your house in a sequential plan. You need to come up with your own plan relating to your house. Key considerations are to go one room at a time, keep separate boxes for every room and always mark your boxes a unique number.
  3. In relation to tip 2 above, it should be noted that a list of all items should be prepared. You need to make sure you have packed everything and remember where you have packed it.
  4. Start preparing everything that you need for planning two to three weeks before you have to move. This includes boxes and cartons, tapes for sealing boxes, bubble wrap for securing every box and a marker to label boxes from the outside.
  5. Once you start packing and filling up your boxes always know to start with the heavy items. These should be on the bottom with the light items up on top to secure them.
  6. Fragile boxes should always be marked as such.
  7. Electronics and major appliances should always be packed in their original boxes. This is important because the manufacturer has already ensured these items can stay safe in the boxes that have been designed for them. It should be noted that when you buy electronics items and major appliances you should always secure their original packing for times like these when you need to pack and move.
  8. Flatware and plates require utmost caution while packing. It is advisable to cover individual plates in bubble wrap, separate them using newspaper or other paper and preferably put in a few pieces of cloth around them to secure their position in the box.

When you have all the tips and information, you should start packing! This is just as important as any other step because in majority of the cases not starting on time and procrastinating can cause inconvenience and one may find themselves in a fix. So plan properly and start as early on the chosen day as possible.