Packing Moving Checklist

The most important thing you should keep in your mind while moving out is an organized plan that would help you in perfect and smooth relocation. Moving out could be real stressful if not planned properly and before time not making your moving a joyful task. Therefore, it’s always handy to make a moving out checklist, packing checklist or moving checklist or whatever you might want to call it.

A checklist for moving should cover a span of at least, but not restricted to,six weeks. This way you can cover al the necessary point in your moving out checklist with a minimum possibility of missing out something and can easily avoid hassle.

Six to eight weeks before moving out is the perfect time to start taking your relocation seriously and start making and updating your packing checklist. Start packing with things that are not so important because as they always say ‘better three hours too soon than a minute too late’. Start calculating the budget you might need in order to move to your destination. Try finding movers that fit your budget and needs both at the same time and its always good to start negotiating with them so that they know your actual requirements and make arrangements accordingly. Start thinking about your new dwelling. Try familiarizing with the new community you would be moving into pretty soon. Get information on schools. Contact your insurance company so that all your insurances could be transferred on time. Also most important thing is you should keep your documents, records and certificates (e.g. medical, dental, school, college, work related etc.) in place where your can easily and timely access them without having the danger of losing them.

As the relocation days get closer, you should work on your moving checklist seriously because as the time gets closer things start getting tedious and might end up in a disastrous relocation.

At least four weeks before your moving out, you should start contacting everyone including your friends, family, relatives, doctors, subscriptions, church, insurance company, post office etc. and tell them hat you are moving out. At least a week before make sure you have packed up everything and have marked boxes as fragile that contain fragile things. Keep in uninterrupted contact with the your moving company and make sure the checklist for moving that you are maintaining is up to date so that you don’t miss out anything at all.

The day you are actually moving out make sure you help the driver in uploading the inventory in the trailer. Make sure you haven’t overlooked anything. Check all the closets and cupboards once again. Lock all the doors and windows. Check all the gas lines for leakages.

Always remember that if you keep a track of your actions i.e. by making a moving out checklist, it would be easier for you to get things done properly and promptly in the future.