How To Pack for a Move

A question that a lot of people ask themselves when it comes to moving, is how to pack for a move?. Packing may seems like a simple task, but the process of packing is one that requires a lot of planning and forethought. At times when one has to pack for a move, it is often necessary to make a checklist of things required and things to be done. This allows for things to be carried out on a timely basis, avoids frustration and makes packing a less tedious task.

The first and the most important thing that one should have handy before packing is boxes. But it should be kept in mind that these cannot be ordinary boxes, rather strong ones that would keep fragile and other items being packed secure. A matter of importance from the box’s perspective is to remember to pack electronic items and other such accessories in their original boxes. This is because the boxes that come with, for example a television or an audio player, have been designed by the manufacturers to keep these items safe. One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of using such boxes. However, in a worst case scenario, if such boxes are not available, packing electronic items in an ordinary box can still make things work if the items are properly secured using bubble wrap and packing foam.

It can be argued that while a box is being packed there should be a maximum limit of items to be stored in it. This can range from 20 to 50 items depending on how many boxes are available, how well can these items be secured and how fragile they are. Clothing items in a box should always be cleaned to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. And it should always be noted that heavy items in a box should be to the bottom and light items on top to make sure everything stays safe and secure.

A list is important for every box. A list should be made while packing to make sure that the items stored in each box are written down and every box is labeled a number in a conspicuous position and a legible manner. This is of utmost importance while unpacking and during the process of packing to ensure that no items have been missed out.

Good quality tape for sealing the boxes and bubble wrap to secure every item in a box is of equal importance.

Even when one has all the necessary items available, our answer to “how to pack for a move” is not complete. The planning is everything. Always plan ahead. Pack one room at a time, and never go packing haphazardly. Obtaining all the items, boxes and cartons one or two months before the actual packing is to begin will ensure you have enough boxes and cartons and also the right size. It can be important to have help. Invite your friends over, and your colleagues to help or maybe your family. One can never have enough help. However, if the above guidelines are kept in mind, packing can become less of a tedious task and more fun than one may imagine.